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As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker I understand that individuals exist in a complex network of political, social and environmental events.  I understand that these events impact on our minds and bodies. That is, the mind, the brain, and the whole self are affected.   In turn people, who have varying internal experiences, effect social, political and environmental events in a dialectical manner.

So what is needed is a complex analysis of the situation. C. Wright Mills (1959) in his book “The Sociological Imagination” describes this analysis as the “the capacity to range from the most impersonal and remote transformations to the most intimate features of the human self – and to see the relations between the two”.  An approach that recognises complexity is needed for any intervention.

I have always been impressed about the capacity of my patients to understand complex psycho-education and how they have found this information to be helpful, I hope you enjoy reading this blog.