Training for Social Workers

Current Trainings Available- Endorsed by AASW

Training in Melbourne

Empowerment CBT

I am looking a offering this two day training in Melbourne CBD in early May 2019, please contact via contact page to express interest

Small Group Training in Bendigo.

Understanding Schizophrenia in Social Work Practice

Endorsed by AASW

I will be offering Understanding Schizophrenia in Social Work Practice in Bendigo March 11 2019 (yes, this is Labor Day, but gives people a chance to get six hours of training without taking time out of their work).  RSVP 17 Feb 2019.

Note limited places because I am using a small group format to maximise learning in a critically reflective manner.  See link to AASW website for details and costs

Domestic Violence and Homelessness not scheduled as yet

Below is Scheduled Training Not Endorsed with AASW

Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (not AASW endorsed)

During this 6 hour small group training you will learn how to construct a depth formulation and treatment plan using the CBT model.  We will pull apart the presentations of clients and how treatment plans can be constructed using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  We will cover

core beliefs, triggers, types of thoughts, types of thoughts about emotions, behaviours, consequences.

(Please note we will not be covering the micro skills needed to deliver the treatment plan; this training is about case analysis, generation of a formulation and generation of a treatment plan.)

Cost Full fee: $250
AASW members or students: $230

limited places because a small group critically reflective learning will be used

Date:  25th February 2019, in Bendigo.  RSVP 3/2/2019