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My counselling and teaching in social work (also casework) are dedicated to all those who deal with the stresses, strains but also the joy that occur when living in our complex world.

I understand that within the complexity of the social environment, as we grow from childhood, we develop patterns of reactions.  These reactions include patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Sometimes these patterns can be unhelpful and hinder us in effectively facing the challenges that come our way.

And while I believe that within the complexity of (post)modern life we make the best decisions that we can at the time; we can sometimes become overwhelmed.

When this happens it can be helpful to talk to a Clinical Social Worker or an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.  I am trained to help you understand the complexity of your life and to help you gain an understanding of the psychological impacts of your life events.  I can help you learn skills to repair your overwhelmed mind and to plan and build for a positive future.

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About Dr Mackay

Geraldene_2Dr Mackay is a Clinical Social Worker and an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker in Victoria, Australia.  Dr Mackay provides individual therapy for those who are having difficulties within their lives. As well she provides training and supervision for therapists and caseworkers.   Dr Mackay is a Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers and a Foundation Member of the Australian College of Social Work (Division of Clinical Social Work -Mental Health)  She holds a BSW(Hons) and a PhD(Health Sciences) from La Trobe University, Australia.